Business to Business Venue: Receive an Amazing Paid Vacation for Attending!

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 Small Business Owners/Contractors and Subs Special Invitation:

 What a Fabulous Vacation Venue in San Antonio!

We just received all the latest information on the newest trends in the exciting world of vacations for the average income family.  Simply join us in a group, fun filled forum and you will receive your own ‘Paid’ vacation below:


As our guest you can choose one of the following:


* 6 Days and 5 Night’s Resort Vacation with destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando, Boca Raton, Branson, New Orleans and many more.


* Up to one ‘All Inclusive’ Week aboard the Royal Caribbean, Norwegian or Carnival Cruise Lines.


* 5 Days and 4 Night’s Tropical ‘All Inclusive’ Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise including 3 Days/2 Night’s Hotel Accommodations to use before or after your cruise (In route to your port of call!)



You have one year to use any vacation choice.

**Bonus: We are also including a $100 Dinner Certificate with any vacation choice!

 You don’t have to buy or sign up for a single thing to receive one of the paid vacations!


Reserve your seat now at


(For the protection of all our guests this link is secure and the site is completely encrypted.)


 and select San Antonio, TX  


You can also call us during normal business hours at 941-258-7371.  


This is not a timeshare






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