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Sedona Women’s Healing Immersion Promotes Strategies for Long-Term Wellness 

Experts from various disciplines will provide instruction and inspiration for alleviating chronic illness.

From December 4-8, 2019, the Sedona Women’s Healing Immersion will take place at Sedona Mago Retreat Center. Designed to address the underlying causes of chronic debilitating conditions and empower attendees to create lasting change in their health, this transformative retreat will showcase an impressive line-up of instructors, including renowned immunologist and practitioner of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Saray Stancic. Representing a variety of healing disciplines, the instructors will provide inspirational guidance from different evidence-based medical, psychological, nutritional, spiritual and creative practices that enhance long-term wellness. For more information, please visit

The first presentation of the retreat on Wednesday evening will be “Lifestyle Medicine: Unleashing the Power of Self-Care,” by Dr. Stancic, who is triple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Lifestyle Medicine. She is also the subject of the forthcoming breakthrough documentary, “Code Blue: Redefining the Practice of Medicine.” Dr. Stancic’s personal journey began when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in her third year of residency. After five years of following her doctors’ protocols, she was confined to a wheelchair. Dr. Stancic became inspired by several studies that she found in medical journals detailing the link between diet and chronic health conditions. She discontinued her medications and focused on lifestyle changes, which included adopting a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet, regular exercise and committing to a meditative practice. Remarkably, her symptoms began to improve and after five years of being faithful to these lifestyle changes, she was able to run a marathon following years of struggling to walk unassisted. Since then, she has become an advocate for WFPB living and is the founder of Stancic Health and Wellness, an innovative medical practice that aims to educate and empower patients to achieve optimal health through better nutrition and lifestyle changes. In 2018, Dr. Stancic was appointed Chief Medical Officer for WellStart Health, a digital, team-based intensive lifestyle change program. Her mission is to spread the power of Lifestyle Medicine on a global scale and spark much-needed change in the training of physicians.

Wednesday evening will also feature a welcoming meditation led by Ilchibuko Todd, who has spent over a decade mastering Universal Qi energy. Her passion is sharing the ancient prescription of mindfulness, meditation and movement to awaken the healing power within. She will conduct other sessions throughout the retreat, including an evening Full Moon Meditation and Release Ceremony.

Other medical aspects of healing will be addressed by Dr. Diana Mendoza, a board-certified Naturopathic M.D. in Arizona, and Michelle Boyer, PA-C, one of Northern Arizona’s leading providers in the area of chronic pain management. Inspired by her belief in the power of the human body to revitalize itself, Dr. Mendoza will be offering practical tips on how simply changing the preparation of foods can trigger healing from the inside out. She will also be providing acupuncture sessions throughout the retreat. With more than 17 years of experience in pain medicine, neurological care and spine care, Michelle Boyer has established herself as a pioneer in the cutting-edge field of LED Light Therapy, which activates natural healing processes without painkillers, side effects or invasive treatments. Dedicated to healing beyond drugs, Michelle will speak about this revolutionary technique in her presentation, “Pain Management: From Medications to Light,” and will be offering light therapy sessions.

Adopting a plant-based diet is a key area of focus for the Sedona Women’s Healing Immersion, but how does one get started? Attendees will receive tips on plant-based shopping from Rebekah Hinds, a Team Educator for Whole Foods. Eric Seif, Executive Chef at Sedona Mago Retreat Center, will deliver a presentation entitled, “What If It’s Easy? Creating a Plant-Based Food Plan.” Throughout the retreat, attendees will enjoy healthy and delicious meals that incorporate fresh produce grown locally at the ECO Farm in Cottonwood, AZ.

To equip attendees with an integrative approach to better health, the Sedona Women’s Healing Immersion will showcase mindfulness experts, including Cassondra Graff, MS LCSW and Mindful Neuroplasticity educator Linda Yoonjin. As a Certified Instructor of Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, as well as a licensed psychotherapist, Cassondra Graff will be providing guidance on the therapeutic practice of Mindful Self-Compassion. Private sessions with Cassondra will also be available. Linda Yoonjin will be offering instruction on practical, sustainable neuroplasticity —or brain flexibility — exercises to help keep the mind and memory agile for years to come.

Channeling Sedona’s rich artistic culture, artist Sheron Foster will deliver a presentation entitled, “Creativity and the Divine Feminine.” As a watercolorist, mixed media artist, and pen and ink designer with a background in recovery, healing and Ayurvedic guidance, Sheron will speak about the healing, meditative qualities of creativity using her Goddess Yoni Art. 

Armed with information and inspiration from this team of expert presenters, attendees of the Sedona Women’s Healing Immersion will leave empowered to become active participants in their own healing and wellness.

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