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Financial prosperity is one of the top goals every individual wish to achieve in their lifetime. While goals vary from person to person, the principles of increasing your financial potential are the same. Join us for this one day event to learn more about reaching your highest financial potential.

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How do you get personal finances to flourish? That is what we will cover during this two-hour workshop. Using different concepts from Finnish money management expert, Terhi Majasalmi, attendees will learn how to identify the most important things in money management.

This includes, how to get more income, how to save money, how to invest safely while gaining profit, and why it is important to start these steps immediately. You will learn from Majasalmi herself and have a chance to hear her coaching and ask questions to help your finances flourish.


Date and Time

Tuesday, 17 April, 2018
18:30 – 20:30 BST


19-23 Featherstone Street
London, EC1Y 8SL

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19-23 Featherstone Street
Abbeville, AL 36310


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