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Ms. Puja Vasisht expressed her expert opinion in an interview with the team of Safe-O-Kid. The nutrition expert helps parents understand how to keep children healthy and safe during the 3rd wave of the COVID pandemic in India as it is expected to hit kids the hardest. The expert tells the viewers in detail about how the quality and the nutritional levels of food can affect the physical and mental health of the children. In the video, you will also learn about the nutrients that are found in various kinds of foods.

In the video which is a part of the COVID Awareness Campaign by Safe-O-Kid, Ms. Vasisht states that “whether the COVID 3rd wave comes or does come, we should be prepared with all the precautions in place”. She also stresses on the fact that the effort should be a “holistic approach combining nutrition and exercise” as it helps in building immunity and also ensures a speedy recovery in the unfortunate case of an infection in children.

You can catch the video of Ms. Puja Vasisht’s interview in the series on the Safe-O-Kid website and even visit the Safe-O-Kid YouTube channel to view the expert video and gain all the information on the estimated 3rd wave of COVID in India. Watch the video today to ensure immunity for your little ones!

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