Learn About the COVID-19 3rd Wave in India and How it May Affect Children

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The team of Safe-O-Kid collaborated with the renowned Homeopathy Expert Dr. Shikha Singhal to learn about how the COVID 3rd wave may affect children, as is largely estimated by global experts. Dr. Singhal gave us an insight into the possibility of the occurrence of the 3rd wave, the effect it may have on children and how parents can prepare the children for it. She also told us about methods and measures through which the health of children at the greatest risk can be enhanced and how the level of their immunity can be raised.

Dr. Shikha Singhal tells us in her interview that “Children need to be engaged positively and should be made aware about the importance of maintaining the COVID protocol and of staying indoors”. She explains that while homeopathic medicines help in keeping the immunity of a child raised, it is also important to practice COVID safe behavior, especially by children so that they can be saved from an infection. She tells the team of Safe-O-Kid in the interview that homeopathy is not just a cure but is also a preventive measure to keep children safe from an infection, during the pandemic as well as otherwise.

Learn all about the Homeopathy measures to keep a COVID infection at bay in children, about medicines that can be given to children for better health and a lot more at the Safe-O-Kid website. You can even visit the Safe-O-Kid YouTube channel to view the expert video and gain all the information on the estimated 3rd wave of COVID in India. Watch the video today to ensure immunity for your little ones!


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