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The Next Steps in Applied Shamanic Practice workshop is designed to help you increase confidence and competence in essential techniques of Applied Shamanic practice. It offers supervised practice in a small group, and comprises the following three modules: Next Steps in the Shamanic Journey In this module, students hone their ability to interpret journeys and craft questions that will help bring insight. Next Steps in Soul Retrieval In this module, students deepen their work with soul retrieval and learn new applications of it in a supportive environment. Next Steps in the Guiding of Souls This module provides an opportunity for students to receive support in exploring the more complex and sometimes difficult aspects of the middle world and psychopomp. This course will: • Help you fine-tune and deepen your practice. • Offer small class sizes for more personal attention, and lots of time for practice and questions. • Provide a supportive environment where you can gain more confidence working with more advanced shamanic practices. You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you: • Have reached a plateau in your journeys or in working shamanically on your own and want to reinvigorate your practice. • Want extra support for going deeper with Middle World work. • Are excited about what you are learning from shamanic practice and seek the extra support that comes from working in circle. Prerequisites: Vary from module to module. Workshop Details: Tuition: Varies from module to module. Workshop Format: This is offered as a Distance Learning course.

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