Painting Loosely in Watercolor Session 2

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Session 2 - Intermediate/Advanced

September 27 & 28, 2019 9am-4pm

For those more experienced painters who would like to push their skills to the next level, this session will strengthen watercolor fundamentals while focusing on composition, design, and intuitive painting techniques. Students will follow along with Keiko as she demonstrates her looser approach to painting representational subject mater. This course will be the key to developing a style that will produce emotive, simple, and well-designed watercolor paintings.


Supply List:

Paints: Professional grade paints. You are welcome to bring your own favorites, make sure to include sepia, Payne?s gray, or neutral tint for monochromatic paintings. Keiko uses cobalt blue, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, burnt umber, quinacridone gold, lemon yellow, cobalt turquoise, French ultramarine, yellow ochre or raw sienna, dioxazine purple, cadmium red, cadmium orange or Winsor orange, viridian, lavender, and titanium white.

Palette: Any kind, Keiko recommends a palette with large mixing areas.

Brushes: Large brushes for a wash such as Raphael Softaqua (#6 or 8), Isabey natural hair mop (#8) and Escoda Ultimo (#18 or 20). Medium-sized rounds (#12) such as Raphael kolinsky 8494 and Escoda Ultimo or Versatil. Brushes for details such as Raphael Precision and Escoda Perla (up to #14). Other useful brushes: liner, rigger, dagger, flat (hake), etc.

Paper: Rough or cold-pressed; 140Lb (300gm) or heavier; professional quality such as Arches, Saunders/Waterford and Fabriano Artistico. Full sheets, half sheets or a paper block are all acceptable. Keiko commonly uses 14x20, 15x22, and 18x24 sheets.

Others: Drawing board, gatorboard, foamcore or anything that supports paper (If you use a block, this will not be necessary.), masking tape, clips, or staplers to secure paper to the board, Pencil (4B) & eraser, sketchbook or drawing pad for thumbnail sketches and small studies, container for washing brushes, towels or sponge

Optional items: Masking fluid, salt, atomizer, tissue, color chart, viewfinder, value finder, ruler, hairdryer.


Please note that there is a required supply list. A lunch break will be taken during the day, students can feel free to pack a lunch to keep in the Gallery fridge. Bringing a light sweater or wearing layers is recommended.

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