Shakti Breathwork and Sound Journey with Dr. Carley Corrado and Wayne Marto

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Harness your primal creative energy with an evening of Shakti Breathwork and an extended Gong Meditation.
Shakti Breathwork invites bliss, wholeness, and clarity by tapping into your hidden aspects of being to receive love, release tension and gain clarity in the area of your life that most beckons it. This invigorating breathwork technique powerfully invokes the loving Union of Shakti, or life-force energy, and Shiva, or pure consciousness, within a healing context that allows trauma-release and healing of your nervous system.
We emphasize Shakti in this journey to Union because this energy is less commonly evoked in meditation and breathwork practices. Working with it evokes embodied wisdom and physical healing that makes this practice truly unique. While in this elevated state at the peak of the practice that often leads to breakthroughs and visions, you'll be invited to write down any insights that come in the area of your intention.
The entire Shakti Breathwork journey will be supported by gentle sounds and vibrations, produced by Planetary Gongs and Chimes played by Gong Master Wayne Marto. The supporting soundscape will help balance and align each energy center. At the completion of the breathwork and journaling, you'll be invited to lie down and be serenaded into bliss and wholeness via sound bath.
What to Know and Bring: In addition to your mat and water, you'll want to bring whatever you need to be relaxed for the meditation - blanket, pillow, eye mask, journal and pen, etc. Extra props are available at the studio. Free ample street parking.


Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm 

Category: Community | Local / Community

General Admission: USD 35.00

Artists / Speakers: Dr. Carley Corrado, Wayne Marto

Street Address

Breath+Oneness Yoga, 708 Capitola Avenue
Capitola, CA 95010


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