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We are fortunate to announce 3rd European Congress on “Cancer Stem cell and Oncology Research” (Oncology Reserach 2023) will hold on June 29-30 at Barcelona, Spain. Our Conferences agenda is to provide international exposure to Speakers, Delegates and Scientific Researchers, Academicians, and Scientists through their research work and to enrich Scientific Community. We create a platform for to explore your research and theory form people all over the globe. Our aim is to bring global scientists/researchers and doctors to one platform to share updated information, Innovation, and new ideas from your research.

The theme “Medical Advancements in the fields of Cancer Stem Cell and Oncology Research”. Modeling and simulations for the development of new materials and analyzing them properties/performance would definitely dominate in the future. Our aim is to bring researchers and scientists on one platform to share and upgraded information and new innovations from all over the globe.

Cancer stem cells can generate tumors from only a small number of cells, whereas cancer cells cannot. The field of Oncology has 3 major areas based on treatments: Medical OncologyRadiation Oncology, and Surgical OncologyLungColon and RectumLiverStomach, Breast cancers had high mortality rate from all over the globe by 2020.

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