Creating Balance During Business Disruption

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Overview: With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) severely impacting the way that we do business and the way that we balance our personal lives, you are probably seeing employees who may be experiencing overwhelm, frustration, and feeling like they are on hold. This is normal, but as this pandemic wears on, it is important to regain the focus on living a full and flourishing life in spite of the circumstances. As leaders, we need to offer ways to promote balance, engagement and health during this crisis. Why you should Attend: Life right now, places many demands on our time and energy and balance can feel like an unrealistic dream. Our teams may feel like they are constantly juggling and not often fully engaged in what they are doing. Balance is an activity that you continually engage in as you make corrections throughout your day, week, and months ahead. Balance becomes the harmonious integration of all aspects of life, including coping with business disruption and the pandemic. Small shifts can have a major impact. This webinar will help HR Professionals and organization leaders to provide suggestions for living a balanced life based on the S-O-S Principle. Areas Covered in the Session: Discover the results of a lack of balance that are impacting your teams Identify the many areas of importance in life Understand and identify the energy drainers and utilize strategies in order to free up mental and physical energy Be aware of energy cycles when setting a daily plan Help your teams gain clarity, a sense of direction, and motivation to live according to what matters in life with contentment, calmness and connection Who Will Benefit: Human Resources Professionals Health and Safety Reps Union Reps Supervisors, Manager, Directors (Team Leads) Executive Directors Not-For-Profit Business Owners, Entrepreneurs C-Suite

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