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At 12th House Media, Inc. the home of High Vibe TV. We offer many services besides exciting video content and distribution. We handle talent building, TV production, Sizzle Reel creation, and everything you need to bring your ideas to mainstream media.

We also offer our studios for rent. Below is a list of the options for our 13,000 SQ Ft facilities. We are a full in house media production company, and we can also host events as well!

Below is the list of services for rent. To get pricing, please use the contact form below, with the services you want to use, and we will work with you on making sure you get the best prices, and best experience out there!

Live Stream Service - We can live stream to any platform you want, including social media, or your own custom RTMP. This service comes with full access to our TV sets (LED Back Wall, furniture changes, Stage Lighting), or fully equipped 20 Foot stage (Stage Comes with LED Lighting, and can used for TED Talk Style, and Live Shows). We use brand new Canon C300 Mark 2 Cameras, and brand new Camera Switch Box and Studio Software that we can custom brand your live stream to make it look like its your studio, your crew, and your own production! Production Manager included, Microphones, Green Room to get Ready, everything you need to make a Live Stream show that will blow your audience away!
Events - Our facility can host live events. We have over 100 chairs and Table options, in front of a beautiful 20 foot stage. We can customize your event with stage options, seating arrangements, red carpet, and media entrance, men and women's bathrooms, ambiance fit to your style. We can live stream the event, or cover the event with our Camera and Video crews, to make the most of your event, by producing video of the event, that you can sell! There are many options to make sure your event is unique to you. We have plenty of free parking, and packages with food and beverages. Do not forget, we have TV sets as well, this enables you to run a live show on the big stage, while also providing interviews with special guest or fans, while the event is happening. Dazzle your guests, and throw an event you can capitalize on the front, and the back end!
Production Services - Looking to sell a documentary, TV show, or Sizzle Reel? We have all the camera, audio, and editing equipment to make your idea come true. We also have a full brand new Podcast room, to create a radio/podcast show, a Full Green Screen room, for doing Green Screen Videos, a talk show TV set, a news room TV set, and a music studio to produce custom Music for anything you need. We can do 4K Netflix, Hulu approved content for interviews, or any style of content you need to submit for sale.
OTT Platform - Want to monetize your content? Do you want to reach users on the OTT market place? With our platform, we reach people beyond just social media, but on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, iOS App Store, and Android Google Play stores. This allows you to partner with us, and sell your videos on our network, so your content is being seen on TV and other markets that Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram can not reach.
Branding, Content Production - If you have great ideas, but still haven't found a way to make your video, or podcast reach the audiences you want. We offer a program that helps us brand you, with Logo services, all the way to production help on shows you can do. With the unique aspect of having a full in house facility, and OTT Network, we are here to help curate you and your brand, and instantly get you to monetize on it. We want to work with you, and help you become a powerhouse brand. Let us show you how its done, and let our team get your dreams to become a reality.
Talent Growth - With today's media market exploding, getting your brand, name, or content out to new users, and existing users to monetize can be hard. Now that Video on Demand is hard to access, with sites that only offer Video On Demand for your content, but they do not offer a platform of users. High Vibe TV is the first of its kind. We offer in house studios, and talent growth with our OTT platform. What this means, is if you talent who is inspirational, and has a big positive message to to spread to the world. We offer the facilities to create the content, and the platform to distribute your content beyond social media, but on our Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, iOS App Store, and Android Google Play stores. This would be about building partnerships with people, and brands that want to make money off videos we make in house, live streams that are done in house, with the ability to monetize them in a global market that actually reaches peoples televisions, computers, and mobile devices. Please contact with your ideas, and lets see if you are a fit.
All In One Package - Do you want us to figure everything out? We are a one stop studio and production company. We can do everything for you. Build a brand, produce content for the brand, distribute and monetize the content, create events around the brand/content, and turn your biggest dream into a real media company. We have the team, the equipment, and facilities. We can also give you the business plans and projects of what your content business can do. Let us blow your mind!

All services come with, or without our team. With the more advanced computers, cameras, TV sets, and our Stage for live events, we will need to talk about if you can handle all the services you need. We are here to work for you, and make sure you feel comfortable, and get the dreams to fruition. We look forward to speaking with you

you can also see our site link here is below Make sure to ask or tell whom even in the email " Jordan" gave you the info .

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