What Is a Literature Review and How to Write It

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Most do not know what is a literature review and, therefore, have no idea how to perform it. Generally, a review of the literature is the process of searching and gathering information from the academic sources, documenting it, evaluating and presenting in the effective form and our wuzzup service help you with it.

It might be an entire paper itself or a preceding part of a larger project.

What is literature review in research

If you are asking, “What is literature review in research?” – it can be an introduction to your research paper. Often a literature review is a first step of larger research projects that allows a tutor or a supervisor to make sure that the student in on the right path.

A literature review is a critical evaluation of the research that was previously composed by the others. It is a synopsis and a summary of a particular area, which allows the audience of the paper to establish the reasons why you have chosen this particular approach and research program. As a part of a larger project, a good literature review extends wider than the reasons behind your choice in selecting a certain question.

What is review of literature in research not?

It is useful to know what is literature review, as well as what it is not. It is not a list of sources, but an analysis and evaluation. You have to integrate the previous research together, not just write a catalog. Explain how the way a previous research is integrated into a proposed program. Explain all the sides of the argument clearly and highlight the areas of agreement and disagreement.

A review is not about gathering quotes or paraphrased parts of the text. A good one should also have the evaluation of the findings and quality of the research.

Avoid the attempts to impress the importance of a certain research program. A researcher should demonstrate that a research program speaks for its own importance, without saying how important it is. Educated readers will feel insulted if they are not allowed to understand the level of importance themselves. They want ne assured that a paper is serious and thoughtful without the author’s opinion.

Composing a literature review

First, you have to deal with the most difficult aspect: evaluating the credibility of the sources. It is easy to find information on the Internet, but is not easy to choose the reliable one.

The way to evaluate a source is through experience. However, there are few little tricks for making a quick and accurate evaluation of the information.

The best place to begin your research is an academic library. Any journals, articles and books found there can be regarded as credible and safe.

The easy way is to judge the scientific work, is using an abstract and an introduction as indicators. This helps you not to waste your time reading the whole chapter or article, but to eliminate the non-relevant texts and low-quality research.

Skills of writing a successful literature review come with experience, since even the best scientists have made mistakes providing poor evidence. This is not a reason to worry, since it is a part of a research process.


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