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The Psycho Cosmic Experience is a multifaceted event for artists, created by artists.  Most of us are millenials. We are questioned all the time about our plans for the future.  What does the future of the world look like with millennials running it?  Well we’ve shown quite a difference in our priorities and what we hold true. So we will show the world what we plan to do through art music and fashion, and many things in between.   Emphasizing the use of sustainable practices, alternative healing, eastern medicine, mycelium and mushroom cultivation, and sustainable farming.  This experience is a way for artists to provide resources, mentorship, and an opportunity of collaboration for the both the artists and attendees.  Through the Psycho Cosmic EXPerience, we are providing a platform for artists to be heard, share unique messages, and produce and promote quality content that speaks. In addition, we are bringing all of them together in one multifaceted, collaborative event.  Our mission is to elevate consciousness by encouraging people to explore the knowledge of past generations, innovating those values in ways that will be beneficial now, in the present, and thus in future.

Interested in becoming a co-creator? Visit  Fill out your contact info in the "co-creator" section to see how you can get more involved!

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2050 Imperial St
Los Angeles, CA 90021


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