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The event takes place every Sun-Wed from 5am to 3pm PDT via video call with Spiritual Life Advisor/Business Coach Lisa Anderson. This is a one on one session where appointments needs to be booked ahead of time. In this event, you are able to ask questions concerning your relationships, career, personal path, or a life event. Questions must be specific and of true concern to you. Through the use of imagery and sensory gifts, Ms. Anderson will lay out all the pieces of the missing puzzle for you to be able to better understand your situation. She is able to show you what you are not seeing so you can move forward on your life journey. Ms. Anderson is known to dive deep into mental energies so please be at a stage of acceptance when attend this session.

Be prepare for Ms. Anderson to:
Put Things Into Perspective With A Realistic Approach
Tell You Not What You Want To Hear But What You Need To Know
Dive Deep Into Mental Energies
Be Descriptive & Detail Oriented
Speak In A No Sugar Coating/ No Judgments Manner
Lay All The Missing Pieces Out For You In A Way You Can Understand
Not To Give You A Time Line As Time Is Fluid And Can Not Be Determine

Who can benefit from this event?
-Individuals who suffers from anxiety, stress, fears and overactive thinking
-Individuals who find it hard to move forward from a past connection or experience
-Individuals who needs assurance about their present situation and choices
-Individuals who looking to grow to the next level and looking for direction

Space is limited so reserve your spot now. This event occurs on a weekly basis. Must be registered a head of time.
If you are interested in on going or future events surrounding Spiritual, Business, Relationships, Careers or Life please visit the website.

About Spiritual Life Advisor/ Business Coach Lisa Anderson
Highly compassionate, creative, and intuitive, Lisa Anderson is a compelling Life & Business Advisor/Coach whose sole mission is to leverage her powerful gift to support others with their individual personal, spiritual & professional growth journeys. As the Founder and Owner of Krisallis, Lisa enjoys being able to help others move past their barriers in order to move forward on their life's path. In her spare time, she enjoys designing elegant uplifting pieces that deliver a special message to their wearer. Lisa's clarity readings, coaching services, events, life and business programs are truly cultivating, meaningful, and strikes transformations that surface authenticity and soul awakening.


Date and Time:
Starts: Sun, Aug 28, 22 ( 5:00 AM)
Ends: Sun, Aug 17, 42 ( 3:00 PM)


Category: Community | Religion & Spirituality | Meditation & Yoga

Admission: USD 77.0


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