Mommy, Daddy and Me Tennis (Ages 2.5 To 4)

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Searching for the perfect way to introduce your child to the game of tennis?

 This class offers a fun way to interact with your child, while teaching them the basics of the game! Kids learn in several different ways, and when they’re under the age of four, they primarily learn through play. Working with them in an active setting is an important part of both their physical and mental development. During the class, parents and children participate together in a fun, age-appropriate activities that will help your little ones develop the motor and socialization skills necessary to continue with tennis as they grow. Wear tennis shoes and bring a racquet size 19.

 Classes will take place on the following dates:

 Sunday, 8:45 am – 9:15 am, 6/11-8/6 (No class: 7/2)

 Please visit our page for more info:

 For enrollment issues or inquiries call please contact Milpitas Rec Dept: 408-586-3210. All other questions, comments or concerns can be directed to us: OR (510)491-3007,-Daddy-and-Me-Tennis-(Ages-2.5-To-4)

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