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Co-Chairs and Keynotes Include:
- Dr Ann Daugherty, Genentech, Co-Chair
- Dr James Cunningham, Allergan, Co-Chair
- Dr Jeffrey Hubbell, University of Chicago, Keynote
- Dr Robert Thorne, Denali Therapeutics, Keynote
- Dr Kevin Healy, UC Berkeley, Keynote
- Dr Sarah Hymowitz, Genentech, Keynote

Key Topic Areas for 2020
- Immunotherapy Drug Delivery Emerging Opportunities
- Antibody and Enzyme Transport Vehicles: Delivering Large Molecules Across the Blood Brain Barrier
- Intersections Between Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine
- Challenges and Opportunities to Improve CNS Delivery
- Delivery of Targeted Therapeutics and Nucleic Acids
- AI/Machine Learning and The Impact on Drug Delivery
- Advancing the Connected and Smart Drug Delivery Ecosystem
- Novel SubQ Drug Delivery Approaches for Biotherapeutics
- Improving Academic and Industry Partnerships
- Pharma Spotlights on Drug Delivery Needs
- Early Stage Technology Showcase

Additional Program Features
- Pharma Perspectives on Drug Delivery Needs and Partnering Philosophies
- Technology Showcase and Presentations Covering a Wide Range of Drug Delivery Systems
- Partnering Opportunities that include One-on-One Scheduled Meetings to Help Foster New Collaborations
- Exhibit Hall that provides DDS Demonstrations

The DDW Promise:
- An agenda with high quality content reporting on trends, deals and science to prepare for the future of R and D and to reduce the burden of delivery to patients.
- Provide drug delivery and specialty pharmas with a platform to present their technologies.
- Offer ample networking time and partnering services for one-on-one meetings to establish new business contacts and enhance existing ones.

Website: https://go.evvnt.com/623888-0?pid=176
Brochure: https://go.evvnt.com/623888-2?pid=176
Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/623888-3?pid=176

Speakers: Anand Bhate, PhD, Hunter H Chen, PhD, James Cunningham, PhD, Ann Daugherty, PhD, Andrew Goodearl, PhD, Maxime Gaillot, Scott Gibson, David Grainger, PhD, Kevin Healy, PhD, Susan Hershenson, PhD, John Higgins, PhD, Jeffrey Hubbell, PhD, Sarah Hymowitz, PhD, Keith James, PhD, Ellen S Kats, PhD, Kathleen Lin, PhD, Randall Mrsny, PhD, Matthew O'Brien, PhD, Glenn Prestwich, PhD, Peter Senter, PhD, Robert G Thorne, PhD

Time: 07:45 - 16:15


Street Address

Marines' Memorial Club and Hotel, 609 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


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