The Health Emergency of Our Changing Climate Part 2

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Dawn Bohlmann
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In Part One of this series, we examined the effects of global warming on individual patient health. We now shift the lens to a broader public health perspective. With a view toward community, institutional and population health, UCSF faculty and renowned leaders first teach us fundamental principles of public health, challenges in climate health and science communication, and the big picture of global warming effects on populations. Public health experts then describe forward-looking efforts in community resilience and disaster preparedness, and sustainability leaders highlight examples of UCSF's actions to reduce its own large carbon footprint. We end by exploring climate solutions that also present opportunities for improvement in human disease and health inequalities.

There are a total of six presentations between October 20th-December 8th, 2020. Please review the website for full details and registration rates.

General Admission: USD 12.0

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

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