Is criticizing Israel, anti-Semitic?

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David Spero is a long-time peace activist living in San Francisco.  He is a nurse, author of three books on health, and a grandfather. He has been an active member of Jewish Voice for Peace since  2014.  He has written on Israel, U.S. wars, and the suppression of pro-Palestinian voices on campuses. 

At the UUSF Sunday Forum, May 19 at 9:30 AM, David will discuss anti-Semitism and Zionism and some history of their development.   And why some older Jews react negatively to criticism of Israel and why that attitude is changing rapidly among younger Jews.

He will discuss the different strands of Zionism, and the one that won out.  He will explain why defending the Israeli state is not opposing anti-Semitism; it is supporting it. Come join this important discussion.

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