After Dark Online: Celestial—Solar Eclipse

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On December 14, the shadow of the moon will cross Earth in a rare event called a total solar eclipse. For a small portion of Earthly observers—in this case, those in a narrow stripe across South America—the moon will be perfectly lined up between our planet and the sun, casting an eerie darkness and offering a magnificent view of the solar corona. Join us to learn more about this fascinating alignment and prime yourself for the upcoming eclipse.

The movements and mechanics of the planets, moons, and stars create awesome effects for us observers on earth. Predictable yet coincidental, these cycles among the stars lead to gravitational bulges, lunar alignments, and a turnaround of apparent motion. Join us this month as we explore these effects as opportunities for wonder and harbingers of future change.

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Time: 19:00 to 22:00—Solar-Eclipse

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