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Trailblazer Dr. Julie Chen, MD, a fellowship-trained integrative medicine physician who is also board-certified in internal medicine, has developed a scientifically-backed immune supplement, ImunOptimyze, that has been found to clinically enhance immunity and improve clinical symptoms from infectious states. An all-in-one solution, this supplement eliminates the overflow of bottles in the cabinet, while increasing results with ingredients formulated to work synergistically. A clean, proprietary blend of vitamins, herbs AND minerals, ImunOptimyze promotes the body’s natural functioning and has been clinically-proven to support overall health function. With key immune-boosting ingredients, the supplements are all-natural, non-GMO, allergen-free, formulated in the USA with vegetarian capsules and available to ship nationwide.


Dr. Chen graduated with a Bachelor’s in Public Health and Doctorate in Medicine with Distinction in Research from the University of Rochester, followed by a Residency in Internal Medicine from California Pacific Medical Center, and an Integrative Medicine Fellowship from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. She has long been helping others tap into their healthiest selves, appearing nationally on programs including The Dr. Oz show, The Doctors and more including research and clinical positions at Chief Clinical Officer of Vitagene, the National Cancer Institute, UC Irvine, Mount Sinai, the FDA, Clinical Center at National Institutes of Health, Douglas Laboratories and BaseHealth.


ImunOptimyze is packed with powerful immune supporters scientifically formulated to work synergistically including:

Black Elderberry, a natural immune enhancer and potent antioxidant

● Vitamin C, to combat viruses and bacteria and support a healthy weight

● Astragalus, to reduce allergen symptoms

● Andrographis, to promote cellular recovery and lessen inflammatory response

● Spirulina, to support cellular recovery and replete essential nutrients

● Garlic, to reduce infectious symptoms and minimize allergen symptoms

● Vitamin D, to enhance immunity and improve sleep patterns

● Zinc, to support cellular function and support healthy airways

● Copper, to support iron balance and heart health


Dr. Chen has an intense passion for health education, she has dedicated her career to teaching others how to reach their health goals using a combination of conventional and integrative medicine. Her “wholistic” health brand, Wisdom in Wellness, operates with an emphasis on education and charitable giving. With each purchase of ImunOptimyze, a percentage of sales is donated to underserved communities, helping them gain access to much-needed education and resources to live a healthy lifestyle.

Supplements are available in quantities of 60 capsules for both one-time purchase at $34.99 plus shipping and handling and subscription pricing. ImunOptimyze ships nationally and is recommended for all those 18 years and older. To place an order or learn more about Wisdom in Wellness’ mission to bring “wholistic” wellness to the world, please visit http://www.wisdominwellness.com.


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