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Transformative 2-day live seminar for ambitious women who want to accelerate their professional or entrepreneurial career.

In a world that's moving fast, you can no longer afford to stand still or adapt slowly. What if you could achieve your goals in a fraction of the time effortlessly? What if you could have it all?

If you are an ambitious woman, don't waste your time with unnecessary trial and error. No matter how lost you feel, you can get unstuck and start accelerating your success today.

The Live 2-Day Beyond Barriers Accelerator is a hands-on, action-packed workshop that empowers you with inspiring stories and proven strategies to turn your barriers into breakthroughs.

Based on the best selling book, Beyond Barriers, by Nikki Barua, the Beyond Barriers Accelerator helps you achieve:

* Clarity to align what you’re doing with what you want

* Courage to overcome fears holding you back

* Conviction to take massive action NOW

In this transformative 2-day live seminar, you will learn from top business leaders who bring decades of experience in breaking barriers to achieve massive success. You will connect with like-minded women and level up with a powerful peer group. You will define where you want to be. And you will walk away with the confidence that you will get there.

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