“For This Moment: Reflections from Five Artists” at D'art Gallery

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Denver’s Contemporary Art Gallery in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe
Hosts “For This Moment: Reflections from Five Artists”

Located at 900 Santa Fe Drive, D’art Gallery continues the gallery’s exhibition schedule with a group show, “For This Moment: Reflections from Five Artists”, featuring Susan M. Gibbons, Susan Hazaleus, Vicky Smith, Emily Oldak and Faith Williams. Working in ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking and photography, the member artists have curated an exhibition tying together their diverse forms of expression to present their individual interpretations of “For This Moment.”


The show will open to the public on Friday, July 17 at Noon. Although there will be no opening reception, art appreciators are encouraged to visit the gallery to see the work in person. Visitors are required to practice social distancing and wear a mask. The show closes on August 8.

“For This Moment: Revealing Energy and Chaos” by Susan M Gibbons

Susan M. Gibbons reveals the messiness of life through active brushstrokes and color. Through meditation and prayer, the work forms and reflects perceived chaos and energy. The paintings allow the viewer to enter into a sacred place that identifies our world and helps to define us as human.   


“For This Moment: Seeing Black and White” by Susan Hazaleus

Susan Hazaleus explores disconnection and isolation in the black and white photographs taken in the near regions of her home neighborhood.


“For This Moment: Between Light and Darkness” by Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith explores the dichotomy between light and darkness. She is interested in the allure of organic shapes bracketed by their shadows and the spaces between. The pieces are a celebration of the beauty of nature, patterning, and tactile forms contrasted with the unseen, unknown, unspoken, and intangible complexities of our world.


“For This Moment: Transcending Place and Time” by Emily Oldak

Emily Oldak’s multilayered abstracts of colliding and transforming color reflect a life long fascination with shifting perspectives and the nature of reality. Capturing an essence of reality and exploring what lies beyond, her paintings convey a sense of other worldliness and possibility.


“For This Moment: Merging Pattern and Environment” by Faith Williams

Faith Williams’ current body of artwork explores opposing forces in nature through drawing and printmaking installations. Inspired by sacred geometry, the works combine elements of pattern alongside organic movement, while examining the human impact in the natural order of the world.  


The work of each artist can be viewed at https://dartgallery.org


Gallery Hours


Friday & Saturday from Noon to 5 pm, Sunday from 1 – 4 pm


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900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


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