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Participating in Visit Denver’s “Arts Week”, Terrel Bailey and Dan Baumbach host a special artists reception on Friday, November 12 from 6 - 9 pm and will give an Artists Talk on Sunday, November 14 from 1 - 3 pm sharing their creative process to create their unique and high quality photographs.


"Meditations in Nature”


Photographers Terrel Bailey of Lifted Spirit Photos and Dan Baumbach of Timeless Light Photography use their inspiration from the natural world as an integral part of their creative process . Both Dan and Terrel still their minds as they observe nature from a deep meditative space. Their work reflects their inspired approach to interpreting the quiet of nature. 


Solo Exhibition by Dan Baumbach

Dan Baumbach of Timeless Light Photography focuses his camera on little things such as leaves, grass, flowers and water. When shooting macro photographs, he takes time to pick out what he wants to photograph from a myriad of possibilities. He spends time being present to the quiet to see the subtleties and colors around him. Then, he composes, focuses and creates his macro images. His photographs range from abstract to semi-abstract images.

The second part of his creative process beings at home in front of his computer where Dan reviews his raw files and new discoveries occur. A few of his many images will speak to him and he develops that “Discovery” into a print for exhibition. His images have been compared to Haiku, 17 syllable poems of Japanese tradition.

Baumbach has been taking photographs for most of his life, beginning in his twenties working in New York City in advertising and fashion photography. After moving to California, he became involved in large format landscape photography around the Marin County Watershed and Yosemite National Park. In Colorado he mainly focuses on photographs of grasses, leaves, clouds and water. His work is on display in the Boulder Community Hospital, The Ritz Carleton in Beaver Creek, The Sheraton Hotel in Avon, Price Waterhouse, UCSF Medical Center, and Good Samaritan Hospital.  He has participated in the Boulder Open Studios for the past eleven years. Dan Baumbach’s photographs can be seen at:


Solo Exhibition by Terrel Bailey

Terrel Bailey of Lifted Spirit Photos concentrates his camera lens on intimate landscapes to reflect his meditative approach to photography. The compositional elements of line, shape and form are primary elements in his work creating relationships among objects. The photographs reflect a sense of peace and quiet that he feels in nature and shares with his viewers. Terrel uses both color and black and white photographic processing as well as alternative printing processes from the 1800’s.

After photographing a place, he waits for a week or two before viewing the images. He then culls out the images he doesn’t feel are strong enough and begins to edit the best images on the computer (including film negatives which he scans) so they evoke the same feelings he felt when he photographed the scene. He finally makes a test print to ensure the image indeed evokes those emotions in the strongest way possible.

Terrel grew up watching his dad photograph the landscapes of the west. His formal introduction to photography was a photography class in high school where his final project was to make a roll of photographs with a 35mm camera and create an 8x10 print.  He has been involved in photography in some capacity ever since.  Some of his work is concentrated on conservation of the environment or causes like his photos of the landscapes of Bears Ears National Monument.  His work is part of private collections throughout North America. Terrel Bailey’s photographs can be viewed at:


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