Physical Conference - Niobrara Shale Production 2020

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  • Making an economic assessment for shale production
    Understand the economic fundamentals and key business indicators for shale production in the Denver-Julesberg Basin.
  • Shale gas and tight oil exploration geology and geophysics
    Scope out new opportunities for shale production across the Niobrara formation with the latest geological results.
  • Reducing costs and optimizing completions with the right techniques
    Assess how new completions strategies are cost-effective and minimize operational and financial risks by adopting the right techniques for the area.
  • New technological advances and technical know-how in shale production
    Be the first to hear about new innovations for efficient and reliable operations, while ensuring optimum production and enhanced oil recovery.
  • Maximizing well reliabilities across longer and multistage horizontal wells
    Explore the latest advances in well operations and the tools available to achieve longer horizontal wells with more stages along the lateral.
  • End-user operator case studies and developing a successful program
    Gain insight from leading equipment manufacturers and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to ensure optimized completions.

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