Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Conference

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Sara Yousef
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This conference is a step towards empowering decision-makers and energy stakeholders to join forces and proactively address the challenges of climate change so that actual progress can be achieved. By bringing together researchers who are working on topics relevant to climate change and environmental sustainability to share their latest accomplishments and research findings, voices can be amplified and actions towards a more resilient, liveable, sustainable future taken. This conference will serve as an important resource to inform people and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the possible opportunities for environmental sustainability to address climate change.

The motivation behind this conference is to contribute to international and national goals of addressing climate change challenges by:

  • Measuring climate change and assessing environmental, economic and social impacts
  • Exploring mechanisms for effective environmental planning and sustainable resource management
  • Advancing strategies and techniques for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Enhancing the involvement and integration of different stakeholders across international, national, state, city, and community level for environmental sustainability
  • Reporting pilot cases and exemplars that can help address climate change issues.

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