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DELTA STRENGTH CAMPAIGN - Fundraiser.  Donate to Scholarships for Unwedded Mothers in Poverty Desiring to Attend College.

Due COVID-19 Pandemic, Authors around the world have been - and still are - unable to attend autographing sessions, nor promote their literary material.  We are asking people around the world to please purchase a copy of the novel "Delta Strength" - as written by Barbara J. Johnson (See flyer, YouTube, Websites, Etc.).  This campaign helps author to get the word out to the public and raise funds for the above subject matter.   

"DELTA STRENGTH" - a novel (Published & Released on January 30, 2020 by Austin Macauley Publishers in London England -  is a Fifty-Year Project from start to finish.  This magnificent story, set in a southern prospective - Mississippi Delta - is a family saga and historical accountability that portrays one family's ability to remain strong and rise up out of poverty in spite of the triumphs and tribulations they went through from society - and in spite of circumstances they faced in the aftermath of slavery.

The Beasley Family Member gradually rose up from the Mississippi Delta with strength that sustained them for over 100 years - and through six generations. 

The author, Barbara J. Johnson, born on a family farm and worked similar to a slave - has composed this novel (spiritually, entertainingly, educationally, realistically) in a manner that no other author has done before.  From 13 years old until 64 years old.  She has modeled characters and events after true life experiences - from inside the Beasley family looking out into a world of real people who shall find themselves among the pages of this, very valuable, literature for decades - even centuries to come. 

Even schools and universities shall be able to study the contents of DELTA STRENGTH from a psychological viewpoint for communication classes and other majors as internal and external forces rear their head.  The readers, however shall maintain a level of confidence that shall help kept them strong and determined to overcome any obstacle which they are faced with.  The author wrote and embedded this technique in the novel. 

THUS - this fiction, a GOLDEN TREASURE and MASTERPIECE is currently  being circulated around the world.  

HELP SPREAD THE WORD FOR THIS EVENT  - AND, PLEASE SO - ORDER YOUR COPY AND RECEIVED INTO YOUR HANDS ASAP TO BECOME AN ACTIVE CONTRIBUTOR OF THIS WORTHWHILE CAUSE -  Allowing the author to give back to the society from whence her roots has risen up into a strong oak family tree!  (REF:  Internet, Booksellers, Austin Macauley Publishers, London, England Office, Amazon.., etc.

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