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Crazy Uncle Mike’s presents

Bonn E. Maiy Live

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7-11 pm

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Freedom is a privilege, and she’s finally reached America. Bonn.E.Maiy (formerly Bonnie Rabson) is a vocalist and performer currently residing in south Florida. Just like the path of her ancestor Myles Standish, who sailed the Mayflower and led the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony, Bonn.E.Maiy’s music journeyed from Europe to the U.S., and is set to explore a new world and redefine boundaries.

With a unique vocal tone somewhere between Florence Welch and Christina Perri, Bonn.E.Maiy’s debut album, Maiyflower, combines genres and perspectives - to show the unfiltered realities of her life. Having personally lived through topics ranging from childhood bullying, to facing and eventually overcoming substance abuse - Bonn.E.Maiy brings you closer to the highs and lows that define her, with a message of love, strength, and rebirth.

As a youth growing up in Erin, Ontario, this free spirit started in opera and theater - and in later years experimented and found traction in the European dance scene, which led to a 6-week completely independent tour of Hungary and surrounding areas in Summer 2017. She had
always been attracted to the rawness, transitions, and freedom of arrangements of alternative / indie rock, and in 2014 started working with different sounds at Sound Business Recordings’ facility, which eventually culminated into the Maiyflower EP.

Rarely today do we find an artist with pure talent, pure intent, and an incessant work ethic to make music for the sake of creating beautiful art. From playing rugby to woodworking, to working as a barista and more - her stories jive equally with folktales and Facebook posts, and
she’s here to tell you, the listener, all about her journey.

When asked how she manages to always keep her spirits high, she simply answers “Cobain is a hell of a drug! And so is Queen, The Black Keys, Dub FX, and the hundreds of other influences that keep me going.”

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6450 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33487


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