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The Intentional Interior Re-Design Program uniquely integrates the principles of Feng Shui, Intentional Design, Green Design and Universal Principals.

Intentional Interior Re-Design highlights the psychology of the space through the principles of the art of placement and the study of the person place connection. This philosophy finds its basis in the natural, behavioral, and physical sciences, and identifies energy as its essential ingredient. In achieving the Intentional Design, we evaluate the deeper significance of the individuals, goals, and desires to assess and balance all the elements. The Intentional Re-Design creates a sustainable felt experience, which continues to inspire, your clients’ hearts desires.

New Thought teacher Mary Dennis created an award winning -template of Intentional Interior Re-Design, which results in creating life-work balance, ease, and grace. Her purposeful innovations and research enhance well- being. Her teachings create a template to sustain a lifestyle that is timeless, resulting in a felt experience, which she fondly calls an “Interior Attunement,” a soul satisfying, experiential design.

The Intentional Interior Re-Design Certification is a Mastery Program that addresses the harmony and balance unique to each dwelling which allows for the creation of sacred spaces

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