Global Congress on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

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Global Congress on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering”, which is going to be held during May 18-19, 2020 at Miami, USA with the theme “Exploring and Enlightening the Future Technology in Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering”. 

AERO-2020 will provide an amazing chance to communicate with Participants from both the Industry and Academia working in all the domains of Aerospace, Aeronautical, Computer Science and Engineering, Technology, but not limited to various sectors of Computer Science Applications.

Progress in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering is always linked to the progress and welfare of human civilization. A future advance in multiple fields of Aerospace and Aeronautics critically depends on the availability of superior technology and researchers. The aim of the Aerospace and Aeronautics is to promote quality research and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists and Researches by bringing together again the world class researchers, International Communities and heads to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the fields of Aerospace and Aeronautics.

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