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Be the BOSS of your career by treating it like a business

Does your resume showcase your results, and do you market yourself based on what you're worth? You need to understand your vision, what you have to offer, and market yourself just like a business would do for their goods and services.

Maybe not knowing the process is standing in your way or you feel like screaming, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" This session will give you insights into all these questions, plus a plan of attack to move you in the right direction. Start saying, "I can do this!" instead of "I don't know how."

This event is for:

Women Business Owners
Professional Women

What type of challenges could these women be facing?:

1) Clear the brain fog. Find out how to create clarity to move forward in her business with our support to get results.
2) Take action at work before throwing in the towel! Find out how to turn her situation around by implementing our approach.
3) Take the career to new heights. Learn how to earn the next rank of leadership with our advice to do exactly that!
4) Give back and create community. Check out how a heart cause for lifting others up while building a vision for her life through working with us.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

- Play the Gig Advancement Matrix Exercise (GAME) to establish the 'You are HERE' Mall Map for your career.
- See a snapshot of the process:
1) Make a Plan
2) Use your Power
3) Get Promoted
4) Have an Impact
- Learn about Your Desire Fire! WHY do you want what you want?
- Understand how to get where you want to go.
- Discover some of the tips to build a 'Resume with Results' and know your $$$ Worth.
- Realize the importance of being 'Visible and Valuable' in your company!


General Admission: USD 0.0

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

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