How To Flow Through Change With Grace & Ease

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Are you someone who embraces change and actually thrives from it? Or do you tend to fight it ... flee from it ... or freeze when confronted with change? Would you like to be more adaptable, graceful and peaceful?

Change is happening all around us all the time. It often feels like it's happening TO us and we have no control. It may be a change in your personal life ... marriage, divorce, retirement, or a new baby. Things are changing more rapidly than ever in our high-tech world. At work they expect you to take on more and more, the news upsets you, and the future feels more uncertain than ever!

In this presentation, you'll discover the three tools to successfully navigate change that hundreds of Mary Owens’ clients have used to overcome tremendous challenges and make amazing life transitions.

You will learn:

  • Why change feels like you're swimming upstream and why that's OK!

  • Ways to create a mindset so you glide like a swan even in the most turbulent of times

  • How to surround yourself with people and practices that help keep you afloat.

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