NUC All American Club 7v7 Championships: Open, College, U19, U15,U13,U11

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David Schuman
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Open, College, U19, U15, U13, U11 December 27th and 28th 4 Games Each Plus Top 8 Teams Play To Championship Tourney Round 24 Teams Accepted Per Age Group Only
Round Robin Play 4 Games Plus Top 8 Teams Play to Championship Tourney Round
This Game Is All About Speed!!

25 Minute Games, Running Clock, No Timeouts
Ball Starts at 40. 3 Downs to 25 for first down, 3 Downs to 10 for first down, 3 downs to score from 10.
3 points for INT
6 points for TD
1 point converstion from 5
2 point conversion from 10
Only forward passes allowed, now running, no double passes
Offsides loss of down, offsides defense 5 yards, Interference defense first down at point of of penalty, offense interference loss of down
No jamming after 5 yards
Taunting penalty loss of down, if after touchdown taunting penalty offense will start on second down
If fighting by any team or individual, team will be disqualified from tournament immediately, no tolerance policy

Panama City Beach, FL, Panama City Beach Sports Complex
Starts 8am on December 29th, 2019
Open Championship for Adults and College winning team gets $5000
Youth and HS (U19, U15, U13, U11) Winning Team Gets Monster Championship Blue Sapphire Trophy and $2000 to your non profit group


Open (Adults Non-College): USD 1049.95
College (must be in college or university): USD 1049.95
U19: USD 528.49
U15: USD 528.49
U13: USD 528.49
U11: USD 528.49

Artists : David Schuman

Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

Venue details: Panama City Beach Sports Complex

Street Address

50 Chip Seal Parkway
Panama City Beach, FL 32407


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