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RECONNECT THE EXHIBITION BY THE BEACH by Z EMPIRE GLOBAL LTD  - hosted exclusively on the whole peninsula of 

Grand Resort Lagonissi
Member of the Leading Hotels of the World
40th km Athens-Sounion Ave. 19010 Lagonissi-Attica-Greece

 Reconnect is one of the largest exhibitions for the mobile and consumer electronics industry. 

Reconnect brings manufacturers, operators and more, into the market of electronic products starting from production and continuing through the distribution chain till the products reach the end-users.


About this Event:

Reconnect brings manufacturers, operators, retailers, e-tailers, traders, and distributors together. Attendees, members, sponsors, and visitors are fortunate enough to reach with us their potential target partner base. 

  • We take networking seriously. 
  • Your Success is our Success! 
  • We offer you a suitable marketing platform base to take your brand further. 
  • We have picked the right premium location to let your brand shine.
  • We offer the best possible packages to bring your proposition to your audience. 
  • We listen and care about your brand. 
  • Partnering is part of our DNA. Capture the attention of thousands of relevant partners. See what we have done in the past!


*First Electronics Exhibition ever by the beach


*Booths/Stands ( Ask for a quote Now )


*Private meeting rooms will be on boats


*The Three-day long Exhibition, on the third day, networking will be on different location again by the beach


*Key Decision Makers from all over the world


*From Manufacturers to traders.


Partners in Excellence, organized by Z Empire

is one of the most beneficial and constructive networking conventions because it covers all electronics industry areas, such as manufacturers, operators, distributors, retailers, resellers, wholesalers, and traders, allowing you to network with new customers or suppliers. The Partners In Excellence / Reconnect The Show invites only senior professionals and is consisted of 99% key decision-makers of some of the biggest companies from all over the world.



Following Partners In Excellence 2017, 2018 & 2019 Electronics Networking Conventions, Z Empire moves ahead with an even bigger and better version of the convention. We have chosen this magnificent destination for the comfort and convenience of our delegates with over 100 direct flight options into Athens International Airport.


Who is Z Empire?

The answer is quite simple; Z Empire is every single one of us. It is a brand rather than a company, and to us, it is the brand of family unity and success. The electronics industry needed innovation and originality, and that is how Z Empire was born.


What does Z Empire do?

We at Z Empire make sure that the money you earn through hard work will not be wasted.


Our team ensures that what your company invests with us is returned in double, and we achieve that through ground-breaking marketing plans and campaigns and, of course, the Partners in Excellence (PIE) electronics Networking Conventions.


Why Z Empire?

Wouldn't you want to be part of a family that strives for a more beneficial future? We do.










Like every year, PIE is a fruitful experience in the sense that you only gain from this convention, whether it is for your company's benefit or personal. PIE can offer you what you need. The reason is that it is in constant development. We mean by continuous development that we are always looking for ways to improve it to reach its full potential. Your participation each year is a must, so you do not miss any new opportunity presented.


What is new and improved in this year's event? 

Firstly the number of attendees. More so than any other year, we have reached maximum capacity and have sold out, which is an exciting outcome for both client because of the attendees, they will have access to and for us as a company and brand to have accomplished such a goal for our very own convention that we only started four years ago.


Therefore more attendees mean more reach; more reach could result in more business. This year we are hosting more distributors, operators, traders, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and more brands. We are covering every aspect of the industry to ensure your electronic needs are fulfilling.


The event's agenda is more organized than ever; all activities sessions and facilities have been arranged so that the transition from one place to the next is more smooth and convenient. The timetable has been set up more efficiently, making each minute of your time productive, and finally, we have added to our ground-breaking sessions Business - speed - dating. Along with our 90 seconds to impress – where you present yourself in the best way to all deal or no deal – where you have the chance to make sales on the spot; 

we have included business speed dating, a session that allows you to meet every company attending in an orderly and timely manner.


In addition to our previous activities such as yoga, football tournament, award ceremony, video interviews, and sessions, we have included karaoke this year as part of the night's entertainment which gives our business ladies and gentlemen a chance to let go of the day's workload and have fun to the tunes of our live performers.

Reg. No: HE352457 | VAT Reg: CY10352457P

Web: http://www.zreconnect.com | http://www.b2bze.com 

RECONNECT THE EXHIBITION BY THE BEACH by Z EMPIRE GLOBAL LTD  - hosted exclusively on the whole peninsula of 

Grand Resort Lagonissi
Member of the Leading Hotels of the World
40th km Athens-Sounion Ave. 19010 Lagonissi-Attica-Greece


Contact Person:

Peggy Sotiropoulou

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Z Empire Global Ltd (Marketing & Event Organiser)
Whatsapp: +357 96900031
Web: http://www.zreconnect.com | http://www.b2bze.com


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40th km Athens-Sounion Ave. 19010 Lagonissi-Attica-Greece
Aaron, GA 30450


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