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The Butchery – or “Boucherie” in French – is an age-old tradition. Friends, neighbors and family members gather to help butcher livestock and preserve meat in the fall, assuring that all parts of the animals are used for sustenance. Extra hands are needed and welcome.

Augusta Boucherie will reclaim the communal component of livestock harvest in fall festival style. Teams of local farmers and chefs – led by regional experts in their cut or dish – will provide instruction and share knowledge in the respectful harvest and preparation of humanely raised animals. Local vegetable farmers and food artisans will add regional flavors and create new ones. There will be constant outdoor cooking, sampling and learning for all who attend.

Hog, poultry, fish, venison and other animals central to our Savannah River area heritage will be harvested and prepared, snout to tail, fin to fork, farm to table.

Friday NOV 8

~ Poultry Harvest ~ Workshops ~ Walk About Supper ~

Saturday NOV 9

~ Butcher’s Prayer ~ Breakfast ~ Workshops ~ Pig Pickin’ ~ 

Street Address

1419 Fort Creek Rd
Dearing, GA 30808


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