NUC Top Prospect Football Camp | Atlanta, GA | July 13th and 14th, 2019

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David Schuman
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NUC Sports | Top Prospect Camp | Elite National Showcase Skills Camp and Lineman Camp
Who is the Camp for?
This camp is for age groups class of 2025, 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020. We breakout 2025, 2024,2023, and 2022 together and then 2021, 2020 are together.
Free for the first 100 Athletes, we have allocated 15 free spots for each grade plus 25 free spots for class of 2020.
Once free spots are sold out we will charge USD 99.99 for the two day camp for those spots.
We now have 100- 50% off Spots Available, When They are gone they are gone, use code TP2018
To coach up, improve, compete and then refer to college coaches. At this point you will have attended many camps and college camps with athletes everywhere and no refined coaching and evaluation process, we fill in where the college coaches cannot, we will coach and evaluate to get the information in the college coaches hands. We will send the database and results to over 5000 college coaches around the country. We have the best coaches in the southeast working, Ex NFL Players, Ex D1 Athletes, and top HS coaches working with and evaluating the athletes. We will position awards for all the top athletes including special awards for our top athletes. In addition, the top players will get invites to the NUC All American Games, NUC All Academic and NUC All World Games.

Will results be posted online for this camp?
No, we will not post rankings and results, we are providing all information, date and info directly to colleges including video. We will not release results to protect privacy of all athletes competing. We will be evaluating and providing awards at the camp for the top kids and they will get recognized at the camp.
July 13th and July 14th, 2018
9am to 2pm July 13th
9am to 2pm July 14th
What Evaluation Services Will Be Present?
Youth 1, Playbook, and NUC Sports
What They Get?
Athletes in addition to competing with get a Tshirt with free spots


2020 (paid spot): USD 99.99,
2021 (paid spot): USD 99.99,
2022 (paid spot): USD 99.99,
2023 (paid spot): USD 99.99,
2024 (paid spot): USD 99.99,
2025 (Paid Spot): USD 99.99

Artists / Speakers: David Schuman

Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm|-Atlanta,-GA-|-July-13th-and-14th,-2019

Street Address

LakePoint Sports Complex, 755 Hwy 293,
Emerson, GA 30137


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