Ancient Hawaiian Healing Workshop - An Introduction to Hawaiian Energetics

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Hawaiian Energetics provides a way of healing, living, and understanding the world around us in a deep and connected way.

Joan Makanakai Reid, will be offering an introductory training to assist seekers of the ancient healing arts and creative forces in their desire to grow, learn, help others as well as themselves, and improve the world around them.

This training is the beginning foundation of the teachings of Hawaiian Energetics. This class provides a foundation for thought, exploration, and the development of each person as their own kumu (source). A personal relationship with the elements of fire, air, water and earth is essential for the use of these energies in your own life and in the helping of others. Hawaiian Energetics brings unique perception and treatment possibilities to health care professionals, clients, and students of personal growth and development.

You will learn about each of the elements, how to generate and direct the elements, and their use in healing and life changes. Each participant will experience the effects of the elements and how these are interwoven in the world. This teaching lets each person step into their soul and search for the source of their own Mana (creative forces). Duplication of the teacher is not the expectation. Creation of a new Kahu enhances each of us and insures the nurturing of the world. This is our goal.

Initial Training Content•The elements

  • You the Heiau (temple)
  • Meeting and greeting the elements
  • Running the elements
  • The three bodies (physical, etheric, astral)
  • Physical health
  • Energetic health
  • Spiritual health
  • You, the elements, and other people

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