Bodies. Physique. Mind. Soul. Flesh. Love.

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Jhalak Dance Company presents "Bodies.Physique.Mind.Soul.Flesh.Love."

Tickets are now on sale for "Bodies. Physique. Mind. Soul. Flesh. Love." at Studio 909 on April 20, 2024 at 7pm. Fresh on the heels of a successful global company tour to Seoul and New York City, this performance is celebrating the spirit and energy of Honolulu's finest contemporary dance talent with the passion of outstanding conceptual dance theatre. The production features world premiere choreography as well as company repertory.

Featured Collaborators, Artists, and Performers
The contemporary dance performance is directed and choreographed by artistic director Kara Jhalak Miller with Jhalak Dance Company performers. Featured performers include revered company members and local artists Sami L.A. Akuna, Tina Chan, Cy Higashi, Lance Sabado, and Katelyn Wyatt, as well as the rising stars of the second company JDC 2.0 early career talent including Hannah Archer, Krystian Leialoha Fernandez, Nani Marcos, Julian Myrland, and Ariana Smith. Additional works include an exciting dance documentary short with still images as well as footage about the dance company's recent tours by Larry Asakawa. Guest artists will add two numbers of live operatic music with the dynamic duo Maya Sypert, mezzo-soprano, and Thomas Yee, piano. Sai Bhatawadekar graces the performance with a recitation of her original poetry.

About the Dance Performance
"Bodies.Physique.Mind.Soul.Flesh.Love." explores temporality, embodied perception, and the physical form of presence in the natural and modern world. During the performance engagement the dancers will shine as they explore questions about what it means to be human today and how we see, feel, and think about the body. Highlighted within the production are several new and powerful dances. "The Past and the Future are in the Present" explores connection, a sense of place, and collective experiences through athletic contemporary dance in motion. "Spiral: Journey of the Soul" is a deeply investigative movement play about love, the energy of flow, and the language of bodies that touch. The performance embraces the body as a source of wisdom past and present and explores how dance shapes our view of the human form.

The performance expands three dances the choreographer originally created in spring of 2023 for the Honolulu Museum of Art including "Filter", a dance that probes how we each may uniquely see and experience the body through the images that we make, "Remember to be Human" an exploratory piece about honoring our ancestors, and, "Self/ie" a solo that focuses on societal standards of beauty. The performers share captivating devised choreographic inspirations and expressions with a focus on themes of physique, alter ego, mind and soul, flesh, and love.

The program is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

Jhalak Dance Company specializes in dance performance, choreography, and improvisational collaborative art-making processes. With a background in contemporary dance and movement media art, Jhalak Dance draws from other forms of art, including live, digital, and network performance, installation, music, and more.

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Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Price: General Admission: USD 30.00

Street Address

Studio 909, 949 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96814


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