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.Join the Riverside Iowa Paranormal Team, part of the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research, as we investigate a location rich with history, elegance and beauty. 


The Renwick Mansion was built in 1877 for Lumber Barron William Renwick. William made his money when he took over the lumber/sawmill business of Renwick, Corssett and Shaw, which was founded by his father James.

The Renwick Mansion is one of Davenports finest examples of Italian Revival Villa Architecture. One of the many unique features of this home is the large 4th story tower that overlooks the Mississippi River.

In 1907 the mansion became a part of the St. Katharine’s School and was dubbed St. Margaret’s House. In 1973 is was sold and became a part of a nursing home complex known as St. Katherine’s Living Center.

Unfortunately, in 1983, despite being on the National Register of Historic Places, the building fell into despair.

In 2007 Joseph Seng, a State Senator and Davenport Veterinarian purchased and updated the house. Once renovations were completed, it became rentable to the public as a wedding reception venue, and Bed and Breakfast. After closing again in 2016, the current owners reopened the mansion in 2017 for weddings, receptions, parties, meetings and events.

The Renwick Mansion is the ideal location for beginners as well as seasoned investigators, as some of the many experiences include the following


    •Disembodied Voices

    •Shadow figures

    •Footsteps when no one is there

    •Shadows that roam the halls


    •Objects moving on their own

    •Overwhelming emotional changes

    •Unexplained sounds

    •Unexplained smells

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