Murder in Tinsel Town

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We create a make-believe world for the night. Our stories are about a fictitious group having a gathering when murder interrupts their proceedings.


There are two very creative performers that play multiple major characters and help the audience move the story along. Volunteers out of the audience play minor characters in the story with actual speaking parts. All you must do is stand up when your character is questioned and read from your cue card. We do encourage you to get into the story and ham it up. It is not a Shakespeare production but a light comedy.

Tinsel Town!  The one town in America completely dedicated to one thing - the holidays!  You thought it was going to be the other Tinsel Town, didn't you?  The one located in Southern California with movie stars and teacup Chihuahuas with diamond studded collars who sleep in 3 story, 3500 square foot dog houses.  Makes ya sick, doesn't it?

Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh yes!

Tinsel Town, Indiana!  The holiday capital of America!  A town of rooted in holiday cheer and the spirit of the season.  But someone in this holiday hamlet is committing homicides.  Why?  And how?  And who?  And where?  Oh, well we know where - Tinsel Town! 

Learn the answers to these and other questions by coming to see Murder in Tinsel Town at The Mystery Cafe of Indianapolis! 

We seat at 6:30 and begin at 7:30


Appetizers and Bar Drinks are extra.


65$ includes the dinner the show, coffee, or tea or soft drinks and gratuity.


Pasta Primavera – Spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and tomato relish sautéed with basil pesto, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, and penne pasta  


Chicken Normandy – Sautéed chicken breasts with mushrooms and sliced Granny Smith apples in a brandy cream sauce.  Served with rice pilaf   


Maple Bourbon Pork Chop – Thick cut, bone in chop brushed with a house made maple bourbon glaze.  Served with a baked potato   


Baked Walleye – Flakey walleye filet baked with seasoned bread crumbs and drizzled with a lemon Chablis butter sauce.  Served with rice pilaf   



72$Ribeye – Twelve ounces of beautifully marbled steak.  Served with a baked potato

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2610 S Lynhurst Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46241


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