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As the global population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion in the next couple of decades, and as there is consumer pressure to move away from chemical and synthetic farming practices as the negative effects of chemical fertilizers are understood, the agricultural industry must harness new technologies that maximize productivity whilst limiting chemical inputs.

As such, the 5th Microbiome Movement - AgBioTech Summit returns virtually in February of 2021 as the dedicated forum for scientists, agronomists and entrepreneurs from across the Ag industry in order to harness the plant-soil microbiome to discover and translate the next generation of scientifically-driven AgBiologicals that will transform grower yield, sustainability and commercial outcomes.

Our program, created directly with leaders from the field, will address the most pressing challenges in the space through a series of presentation, live Q and A's and panels through leveraging insights from over 30 speakers across 3 days.


Conference Only (Industry): USD 1799.0,
Conference + 1 Workshop (Industry): USD 2098.0,
Conference + 2 Workshops (Industry): USD 2397.0,
Conference + 3 Workshops (Industry): USD 2696.0,
Conference Only (Academic): USD 1499.0,
Conference + 1 Workshop (Academic): USD 1748.0,
Conference + 2 Workshops (Academic): USD 1997.0,
Conference + 3 Workshops (Academic): USD 2246.0

Speakers: Bruce Caldwell, Chief Executive Officer, 3Bar Biologics, Jane Fife, Chief Technology Officer, 3BarBiologics, Bill Brown, President and Chief Innovation Officer, Adjuvant Plus, Natarjan Balachander, Director, Business Development, AgBiome Innovations, Adriana Botes, Scientific Lead, Azotic Technologies, Diana Londono, Manager, Global Technical Bio-Insecticides and 3rd Party Technologies, BASF, Denise Manker, Global Product Support, Senior Science Fellow, Bayer Crop Science, Sarah Vacek, Global Fungicide Asset Management, Bayer Crop Science, Marcus Meadows-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, BioConsorita, Ross Youngs, Chief Executive Officer, Biosortia Pharmaceuticals, Jamie Bacher, Chief Executive Officer, Boost Biomes, James Pearce, Chief Scientific Officer, Boost Biomes, Terry Stone, Global Regulatory Lead, Biologicals Porftolio, Corteva Agriscience, Ron Meeusen, Managing Director, Cultivian Sandbox, Lafayette Thompson, President/Owner, Global Agricultural Development Corp, Rodrigo Ledesma, Lecturer, Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering, Imperial College London, Kellye Eversole, Executive Director, International Alliance for Phytobiomes Alliance, Ido Dor, Chief Executive Officer, Lavie-Bio, Paul Zorner, Chief Agronomist, Locus Agricultural Solutions, Joshua Haslan, Senior Analyst, Lux Research, Amit Vasavada, Chief Executive Officer, Marrone Bio Innovations, Benjamin Reed, Head, Microbial Assay Development, Novozymes, Darin Lickfeldt, Senior Innovation Portfolio Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Kent Wood, Director, Plant Biology, Pivot Bio, Laramy Enders, Assistant Professor, Purdue University, James White, Professor, Rutgers University, Andrew Stewart, Counsel Sidley, Austin LLC, Bruce Luzzi, Director, Field Development, Doug Kremer, Chief Executive Officer, TerraMax, Asaf Levy, Assistant Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Scott Lowman, Director Applied Research, The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Britt Koskella, Assistant Professor, UC, Berkeley, Ann Hirsch, Professor, UCLA, Jonathan Conway, Postdoctoral Researcher (Dangl Lab), University of North-Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jean-Michel Ane, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Maria Herrero, Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, Valent BioSciences, Randy Martin, Global Technical Development Specialist, Valent BioSciences, Robert Kennedy,Chief Scientific Officer, Vestaron

Time: 08:00 - 18:00

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