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The inaugural Gene Therapy Medical Affairs Summit is dedicated to exploring the pivotal internal and external role that Medical Affairs plays in delivering gene therapies to patients.

Industry pioneers from leading pharma and biotech companies at various stages of development and commercialization including Novartis Gene Therapy, Orchard Therapeutics and Bluebird Bio will share how to engage effectively with internal clinical and commercial teams as well as external HCPs, regulators and patient advocates to create a cohesive and streamlined launch strategy for complex, high priced gene therapy products and ultimately work to remove both barriers that exist for access to gene therapies.

Join this definitive, niche conference to delve into the unique Medical Affairs challenges encountered when working with gene therapies, from adapting to the clinical realities of the rare disease space to handling long-term follow up and post-launch scrutiny, equipping you with the insights required to launch gene therapy products more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

This virtual event is set to be a highly interactive and engaging meeting. We fully understand (and quite frankly agree) that a presentation-heavy conference just isn't up to scratch! As such we have created a new format for this meeting which maximises opportunities for engagement, discussion, and Q and A's in order for you to get the best value from this meeting.

Join your peers online and discover:

- What BluebirdBio determine to be the greatest challenges associated with real-world evidence generation in the gene therapy world and how they align medical affairs and RWE generation to tackle such challenges
- How Encoded Therapeutics used qualitative research insight to design a truly patient centric clinical development plan
- How UniQure assess new access and value challenges associated with gene therapy and how they have implemented a patient centric approach to achieve optimal access for gene therapies
- Drawing on her Luxterna experience, how experienced consultant Sue Lacey at Astrea Medical Consulting learnt to build the plane as she flew it with gene therapy product launch and why this process should always differ from the 'norm' in drug development
- How Orchard Therapeutics leverage the value of medical affairs to optimize gene therapy clinical development in the rare disease space


Time: 08:00 to 18:00

Conference Only Ticket (1st Release): USD 1499.00,
Full Access Ticket (1st Release): USD 1897.00,
Conference Only Ticket (2nd Release): USD 1599.00,
Full Access Ticket (2nd Release): USD 2097.00,
Conference Only Ticket (3rd Release): USD 1749.00,
Full Access Ticket (3rd Release): USD 2247.00,
Conference Only Ticket (4th Release): USD 1899.00,
Full Access Ticket (4th Release): USD 2497.00,
Conference Only Ticket (Final Price): USD 1999.00,
Full Access Ticket (Final Price): USD 2697.00

Speakers: Kent Christopherson, Senior Director US Medical Affairs, Orchard Therapeutics, Nick Li, Senior Director HEOR, UniQure, Sue Lacey, Scientific and Medical Affairs Consultant, Astraea Medical Consulting, Jodie Gillon, Vice President Patient Advocacy and Clinical Affairs, Abeona Therapeutics, Salvador Rico, Chief Medical Officer, Encoded Therapeutics, Thomas Board, Senior Liaison Medical Science, Neurocrine Biosciences, Eileen Sawyer, Vice President Global Medical Affairs, UniQure, Martjin Moransard, Director Medical Training EMEA, Novartis Gene Therapies, Stephen Kagen, Global Medical Lead, Pfizer, Laura Campbell, Global Director Medical Affairs, Orchard Therapeutics, Peter Mooney, Senior Director Medical Affairs, Orchard Therapeutics, Ramin Farhood, Vice President and Head of Global Medical Affairs, Novartis Gene Therapy, Marcus Droege, Vice President Head of RWE, BlueBird Bio, Rita Zambelas, Medical Science Liaison, AvroBio, Tom Pulles, Vice President Medical Affairs, Ultragenyx, Angela Tom, Medical Director, Orchard Therapeutics, Daniel Viriato, Director Global Market Access, Novartis, Ian Winburn, Global Medical Lead Haemophillia, Pfizer

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