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Having celebrated 10 years of bringing you the most comprehensive insights on ADC drug development, World ADC Digital brings you the world’s first must-attend antibody-drug conjugate conference in an all new live, digital format.

Bringing together the global ADC community, World ADC Digital welcomes the new and serves the longstanding pioneers by providing an unparalleled opportunity to network and secure partnerships for 2020 and beyond. Every year, the World ADC team strive to bring you a greater breadth and depth of content from discovery through to process development and manufacturing and this year’s highlights include delving further into alternative formats and ADCs outside of oncology.

Off the back of three approvals in 2019 and the most recent approval in 2020, the ADC space has so much to celebrate and this is your chance to hear the lessons learned first-hand across four content packed days. With in-depth insights for experts across your team, World ADC Digital will cover every element of ADC drug development making it your most important end-to-end learning experience of 2020.


Gold Package (Full 4 Day Access Pass | Early Bird Discounts Available): USD 3097.0,
Silver Package (Option A: Conference + Seminar Day | Early Bird Discounts Available): USD 2598.0,
Silver Package (Option B: Conference + Workshop Day | Early Bird Discounts Available): USD 2598.0,
Bronze Package (Main 2 Day Scientific Program Access Pass | Early Bird Discounts Available): USD 2099.0

Speakers: Adam Taylor, DIST, Adrienne Wildt, ImmunoGen, Alex Sabogal, Bolt Biotherapeutics, Alison Hannah, CytomX, Aman Singh, Johnson and Johnson, Amy Han, Regeneron, Andrea Gonzalez- Munoz, AstraZeneca, Andreas Pahl, Heidelberg Pharma, Andrew Polson, Genentech, Anne Borgman, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Arturo Molina, Sutro Biopharma, Aubrey Morgart, Kadcyla Patient, Bert Thomas, BioThera Solutions, Bertrand Cottineau, Novasep, Bill Olson, Regeneron, BinQing, Genentech, Bob Liu, CytomX, Brian Clark, GMP Operations Consulting, Brian Mendelsohn, Ajinomoto Bio- Pharma Services, Brian O'Mara, Ambrx, Brian Safina, Bolt Biotherapeutics, Chet Bohac, MacroGenics, Christian Rohlff, Oxford Biotherapeutis, Chunze Li, Genentech, Daejin Abidoje, Seattle Genetics, Daniel Milano, ImmunoGen, Danny Dong Jun Lee, AbbVie, Dario Neri, ETH Zürich and Philogen, David Conlon, Daiichi Sankyo, David Newman, Newman Consulting LLC, David Thurston, Femtogenix, Dina Hingorani, UCSD, Dong Wei, Takeda, Donglu Zhang, Genentech, Ed Ha, AngieX, Edit Tarcsa, AbbVie, Eric Lacoste, Sanofi, Feng Wang, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gail Lewis Philips, Genentech, Gilles Gallant, Daiichi Sankyo, Giorgio Salciarini, BSP Pharmaceuticals, Gordon Rigg, Independent Consultant, Greg Thurber, University of Michigan, Hillary Schuessler, Glaxo Smith Kline, Ian Schwartz Global, Sartorius Stedium Bicotech, Igor Dovgan, University of Strasbourg, Jay Harper, AstraZeneca, Jia He, Beacon Targeted Therapies, John Lambert, Attager Consulting, Joshua Hunter, Seattle Genetics, Julian Andreev, Regeneron, Kyoko Hida, University of Hokkaido, Leo Kirkovsky, Pfizer, Liangyi Zhang, ADC Therapeutics, Lisa McDermott, MilliporeSigma, Louie Naumovski, AbbVie, Marc Damelin, Mersana, Marcello Marelli, AstraZeneca, Mark Frigerio, Abzena, Mary Hu, Miracogen, Mary Robinette, MilliporeSigma, Mingchao Kang, Ambrx, Ming-Tan Lai, OBI Pharma, Nancy Levin, Triphase, Naresh Jain, NJ Biopharmaceuticals LLC, Nick Choong, Seattle Genetics, Nicola Stagg, Genentech, Nomalie Jaya, Seattle Genetics, Patrick Dennler, Lonza, Patrick Van Berkel, ADC Therapeutics, Patrick Zweidler Mckay, ImmunoGen, Paul Santacroce, AstraZeneca, Peiying Zuo, Astellas, Phil Howard, Spirogen, Pradeep Dhal, Sanofi, Prathap Kumar Mahalingaiah, AbbVie, Rakesh Dixit, BioNavigen, Rick Powers, Independent Consultant, Robert Herbst, ImmunoGen, Robert Lutz, Iksuda, Robert Sussman, Safebridge Consultants, Ronald Fleming, Daiichi Sankyo, Ryo Tsumura, National Cancer Centre, Sabra Hanspal, AbbVie CMO, Sally Ward, University of Southampton, Sean Smith, Silverback Therapeutics, Inc, Shabbir Anik, Sutro Biopharma, Shiang Gwee, MacroGenics, Simon Chivers, Independent Consultant, Stuart Barnsher, Zymeworks, Suman Mukherjee, Merck, Tim Lowinger, Mersana, Tomohiro Fujii, Ajinomoto Bio- Pharma Services, Torbjörn Gräslund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Trevor Hallam, Sutro Biopharma, Ulf Grawunder, NBE Therapeutics, Van Cheung, AbbVie, Victoria Wei, Johnson and Johnson, Vítor Sousa, PROVEO, And More Expert Speakers

Time: 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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