Introduction to Basic Excel Formulas and Functions

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Using Excel is now a daily requirement for most business professionals in any type of industry, whether they are manipulating spreadsheets, updating forecasts, analyzing revenue or trying to decipher data.

With all the information out there, and such an urgent need to understand it all, you might be wondering how you can make Excel work for you and get the most from your data? Start by learning the basics of formula creation in Excel using the most essential functions.

Enroll your team today in this Microsoft Excel training and discover the power of Excel formulas and functions!

Why Should You Attend

As an Excel user, not only do you want to take your knowledge and skills to the next level, you want to be able to create efficient reports in the shortest time possible. These Excel formulas and functions will help you to do just that.

Objectives of the Presentation
Attendees will create and edit basic mathematical formulas. You will build formulas in Excel with function autocomplete or by typing them manually, while learning essential functions like SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE and COUNT. You will also learn the difference between relative and absolute cell references as well as how to copy and paste formulas in Excel and apply autofill options.

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