NOLA Basic Income March

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Humanity First Louisiana
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We will gather at Lawrence Square and march up Napoleon Ave. Walking Path to Samuel Square and back. We will meet at 4 PM to make signs, discuss, meet the speakers, and prepare. At 5 PM, we will proceed down the neutral ground walking path on Napoleon Ave. and end back at Lawrence Park on Magazine St., where we will hear from guest speakers and enjoy cold drinks and food (adult beverages will be provided). Guest Speakers will include Georgetown-Qatar professor, Karl Widerquist, activist and author, Scott Santens, as well as Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate, Antoine Pierce, and others.

The Coronavirus has laid bare the inequalities, inefficiencies, and cruelty of the American economy. It is time that we let our leaders know that we are the economy. The revolutionary potential of a universal basic income is such that it would not only change lives, but also save lives. In an era of record unemployment, looming mass evictions, and untold heartache and anguish, the need for compassionate policy making has become more apparent than ever. Join us and so many others around the world on September 19th at 5PM in Lee Circle to demand change; to demand justice; to demand security; to demand equity; to demand recognition of our inherent value as humans; in short, to demand a universal basic income.

Those interested in volunteering please contact us at with your name, contact information, and how you are willing to help out. Furthermore, those interested in contributing to help defray the cost of this event, please direct your contributions to our Venmo account: @HumanityFirst-MovementLA




Time: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Street Address

Lawrence Square,
New Orleans, LA 70125


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