Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Summit

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Joana Queiroga
020 3141 8700
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Successfully Validate Novel Targets, Improve Preclinical Predictability of Patient-Derived Models and Optimize Drug Pharmacology to Accelerate Translation of Robust Protein Misfolding Targeted Therapeutics into the Clinic. With numerous molecular approaches emerging that demonstrate viable efficacy of targeting protein misfolding and aggregation, join the Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Summit - the only industry and translational focused conference dedicated to the discovery and translation of disruptive disease-modifying therapeutics with optimized pharmacology to target protein misfolding in proteopathies and cancer.


conference + 2 workshops (Industry): USD 4097.00,
conference + 1 workshop (Industry): USD 3498.00,
conference only (Industry): USD 2899.00,
workshop only (Industry): USD 699.00

Speakers: Matthew Townsend Global Director of Proteostasis, Alzheimer's Disease  AbbVie, Christopher Missling President and CEO  Anavex Life Sciences, Michele Vendruscolo Professor and CSO  Cambridge University Centre for Misfolding Diseases and Wren Therapeutics, Gergely Toth Founder and CEO  CantaBio Pharmaceuticals, Suchira Bose Research Advisor and Head of Molecular Pathology, Neuroscience  Eli Lilly, David Lynn HHMI Professor  Emory University, Zhexing Wen Assistant Professor  Emory University, Peter Lansbury CSO  Lysosomal Therapeutics, Aubin Michalon Principal Scientist  Neurimmune, Rick Morimoto Professor  Northwestern University, Neil Cashman CSO and Co-Founder  ProMIS Neurosciences, Wagner Zago CSO  Prothena, Judith Frydman Professor  Stanford University, Marcia Taylor VP Research and Neurodegeneration Alliance Manager  Treventis, David Smith Associate Professor  West Virginia University, Johnny Habchi Head of Research  Wren Therapeutics, Kenneth Rhodes CSO  Yumanity

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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The Westin Copley Place, Boston, 10 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116


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