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I Just Keep Wondering is filled with 121 Q &A about science and other stuff.

Here's what our readers are saying::

I Just Keep Wondering by Larry Scheckel is a 5 star non-fiction book about many everyday questions you might ask yourself when your mind wanders. Some examples are: "When you get your hair wet, why does it look darker?" and: "What causes tap water to taste more chlorinated some days than others?"…. After reading this book, I became much more interested in the world around us. If you like science, and are a curious person at heart, I Just Keep Wondering is a book for you.
This review was written by our 5th grade son, with no parental edits. S – 4/24/2020

"The book is great—121 kid-friendly questions ranging from the highly technical ("how are galaxies made in the cosmos?") to the more lighthearted ("what do scientists do for fun?"). I gather it's part of a series but this was the first one we read. My favorite: Q91, "Are viruses alive or dead?"...neither, really, with a really thorough explanation of why that status benefits the virus. Timely!" M – May 8, 2020

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The Boston Globe called Tumblehome Books, "a leading publisher of science books for children." We are known for producing high quality supplemental educational materials, specifically focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

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