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Join us as we learn all about Permaculture Design and Application for Residential and Farm Settings.

At our last talk, we learned about conventional industrial agriculture and how pesticides are in much of our food supply. Many voiced concerns about this and expressed an interest in alternatives to the way most food is produced today. Our topic for September offers one possible solution: Permaculture. Join us and find out what Permaculture is and how it differs from the industrial agricultural system.

We have invited Jono Neiger from the Regenerative Design Group to provide an overview of this unique form of land stewardship which provides an abundance of food, cares for the environment, and even improves the land. Jono will discuss permaculture design and application for residential and farm settings.

Jono Neiger has 30 years of professional experience in permaculture. He is the principle of an eight member team at the Regenerative Design Group, which provides permaculture planning and design for business and homeowner properties throughout the area. In addition, Jono is a professor at the Conway School and is the author of the book, “The Permaculture Promise.”

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