Building & Sustaining Emotional Resiliency

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Charles J. Hicks, II, Ph.D., BCC.
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Workshop Focus:

Deepen our understanding and responses to the related effects & impact of the trauma from the pandemic of COVID-19 and the national epidemic of the killing of Young Black Men and Women. The objective is to increase our resiliency & effective coping mechanisms by becoming more mindful of how we manage our thought & emotional patterns. We will explore the dynamics and impact of trauma through the lens of the Journey from Boyhood to Manhood, the Ten Archetypes on Authentic Masculinity, The Fatherhood Wound, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Positive Psychology, & the Emotional Release & Trauma Restoration Techniques for building resiliency & manifesting a more fulfilling lifestyle.   

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the trauma of these critical events through our Religious & Secular Lens
  • Learn about trans-generational trauma and its effects on our state of wellness
  • Assess the extent and amount of our accumulated trauma, suffering, & loss 
  • Explore Emotional Resiliency Strategies to relieve aspects of the collective trauma pain
  • Support each other in the practicing of strategies for grieving & restoration
  • Articulate a future state of well-being & the resiliency & motivation to move forward
  • Establish a plan to sustain your commitment to future resiliency & restoration practices

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