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Join us to see the breathtaking documentary film Ostatni Górale (The Gorals - Highlanders of Carpathia). English narration. Some subtitles of Gorals speaking in their dialect. Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

From the dawn of history, on the highest peaks of the Carpathian Mountains set against the elements, there lives a forgotten people. For as long as they remember, the Carpathian highlanders passed on their way of life -- love of freedom, a connection with nature, and ancient traditions and professions that have made them one of the most unique ethnic groups in all of Europe.

* Hosted by the University of Michigan Copernicus Center for Polish Studies with the additional support of Kolo Gorali i Milosnikow Goralszczyzny Stanu Michigan.

* Sponsored by the Polish-American Federal Credit Union

* Q&A and reception after the film with the help of donations from Srodek's Sausage.

Groups and organizations that pay online receive a 20% discount on their order of six (6) or more tickets by using coupon code Detroit_20


Please purchase tickets online in advance to guarantee your seats! Tickets will be available at the box office the day of the show only while seats last, cash only. Individuals and groups can register to reserve seats via Eventbrite and pay later:

Experience the passion and craftsmanship that the shepherd, lumberjack, bagpipe master, and wheelwright pour from their soul into their occupations, not just for the survival of their families, but also for the love of these arts that weave together the fabric of their remote communities.

But a threat ominously looms over the mountains. The modern world is encroaching on their way of life. Is the culture of the Carpathian highlanders sustainable, or could these be the final times for these people living this lifestyle, and not just preserving it as folklore in the museums of folk art?

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