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EXPO Michigan

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  Hello I am Debbie, an exhibitor for EXPO MICHIGAN MARKETPLACE 2020 at Tel Twelve, SouthfieldEXPO MICHIGAN MARKETPLACE 2020 at Tel Twelve in SouthfieldThis is the best exhibitor oportunity for local, home based businesses, services, crafters, exhibitors, vendors and you!Everyone that attended previous events, we invite to any and all events in 2020 for $199.  This does not include direct sales agents.Regular price is $199 each weekend.Businesses, Commercial, Direct Sales, Exhibitors, Vendors  one weekend $199, two weekends $299, ($199 each after October 16, 2020)All four 2020 weekends events at Tel Twelve in Southfield for $199 previous event exhibitors, before October 16 or $199 each weekend after that date.   (not direct sales brand vendors)EXPO MICHIGAN 2020EXPOMichigan.comEXPOMichigan@gmail.comEvents Promote Michigan, people, products, businesses and services.
................. EXPO MICHIGAN 2020 at Tel Twelve Mall in Southfield, Michigan.As Seen....... On TV:https://youtu.be/taHWg-mceww      https://youtu.be/gRf2SaBlDpw.... https://youtu.be/B1yvKZt5mlQ.....     https://youtu.be/IjvW66vDzr4..... https://youtu.be/-E8PILNgkRs.....      https://youtu.be/qqXEtAANb0c

This years events will be inside a 30,000 square foot store.Tel Twelve Southfield at Telegraph Road and Twelve Mile, businesses include:Meijer, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Lowes Home Improvement, Petsmart, Michael's Arts Crafts, ULTA Beauty, Best Buy,  Chipotle, Foot Locker, Verizon, Lenscrafters, T-Mobile, GNC, Browbar Lounge, Sam's Shoe Service, Pho's Chopstix, La Wok, Shish Kabot Xpress and others.Every day, over 100,000 cars drive by Tel Twelve Mall in Southfield on Telegraph or Twelve Mile Roads.  Easy access to Northwestern Highway M10, Lodge Freeway.Over two million people live less than 40 miles near Tel Twelve Mall in Southfield.Very high average household income area.Previous events have been well publicized on local TV, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.Every exhibitor will have a 10 foot by 10 foot space.  Bring your own chairs, displays, exhibits, tables.  Linen table cloths only please.  No paper table cloths.The store at Tel Twelve in Southfield is about 30,000 feet.Each exhibitor will be - - s-p-a-c-e-d - - a-p-a-r-t - - from others.No sales of alcohol or drug related items.Reserve space online EVENTBRITE ticket service for one or more dates to exhibit at Tel Twelve in Southfield for holiday 2020 season weekends.Reserve space for all four weekends in 2020 and you can set up your store, on Wednesday, November 25 before Thanksgiving.  Your store or exhibit can stay set up until December 24.Please note:  Everyone must PRINT EVENTBRITE RECEIPT on letter size paper and bring to event.NO EXHIBITORS MAY SET UP WITHOUT EVENTBRITE RECEIPTPRINTED ON PAPERTHIS IS YOUR TICKETNO TICKET - NO EXHIBIT$20 rebate to paid exhibitors for each paid exhibitor they sign up.I am a paid exhibitor.  When you sign up on EVENTBRITE, please print the receipt, write my name  Debbie, at the bottom.  Email the receipt in advance to EXPOMichigan@gmail.comI am posting these events on all social media to promote and attract thousands of shoppers.   All paid vendors: help promote the events on all social media.  The more people that know, the more people will show and everyone will sell more products.Also hundreds of commercials on cable TV in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.$5 admission to the public.  Cash only.  Every person over 12.$5 admission is valid for $5 discount at participating vendors, with purchase of $26.00 or more at retail.  Limit 1 discount per person per vendor.  Customer pays sales tax.  Each vendor reimbursed $2.50 for every $5 admission coupon. This will encourage people to shop and buy products from exhibitors.Events began in 2012 to promote Michigan, people, products, businesses and services.set up Wednesday, November 25  3-8 pmNovember 27, Friday               10 am - 7 pmNovember 28,  Saturday          10 am - 7 pmNovember 29,  Sunday            11 am - 6 pmDecember 5,  Saturday           10 am - 7 pmDecember 6,  Sunday             11 am - 6 pmDecember 12,  Saturday          10 am - 7 pmDecember 13,  Sunday            11 am - 6 pmDecember 19,  Saturday         10 am - 7 pmDecember 20,  Sunday            11 am - 6 pmDecember 24,  Thursday         10 am - 5 pmBusinesses, Exhibitors, Vendors can open any days and times listed.(If you have to go to grandma's house and leave early or miss a day, that is ok)Direct Sales Brands - Exclusive Exhibitors.Only one person from each brand every weekend.  Color Street sold out for 2020.  Paparazzi is sold out for November 27-29 and December 12-13.Food Vendors Wanted - First Time Ever!1  Must have current valid Michigan Food License2  Must provide two million dollars liability insurance listing  Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan and RPT Realty, L.P.Many exhibitor events have been cancelled in Michigan in 2020.   For many vendors, this will be a great opportunity.Safety is a priority.-  If you are sick, stay home.-  Everyone required to wear a face mask at all times inside -  Each exhibitor will be spaced apart, NOT NEXT TO EACH OTHER-  All state and local health guidelines followed.EVERYONE must bring EVENTBRITE receipt, printed on letter size paper to event.  No ticket, No admission.Previous Exhibitors, 4 weekends $199 (except direct sales brands)https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1225662278871 space all 4 weekends, reserve by October 31,2020https://www.eventbrite.com/e/102823588120  1 space all 4 weekends, reserve after November 1, 2020https://www.eventbrite.com/e/119904139509Art Crafts Handmade Items, 2 weekends for price of 1, December 5-6 and 12-13, 2020.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/120659031411Businesses, Commercial, Exhibitors, Food, Vendors, 2 weekends for $299, December 5-6 and 12-13, 2020.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/120660527887Thank YouDebbieEXPO MICHIGAN 2020Tel-Twelve, Southfield, MichiganM A R K E T P L A C EArt Crafts Decor Food Gifts Jewelry and more! Exhibitors, Vendors, Local Business & Services  Inside food vendors wanted! licensed & insured Exhibit, Sell, Promote your business, products or services at Tel-Twelve Weekends holiday season 2020 at Tel Twelve in Southfield, Michigan - 4 weekends 1-0-0       -s-p-a-c-e-s- - a-p-a-r-t - - - available every weekend, 10 feet by 10 feet.         -S – p – a – c – e – d - - - a – p –a –r –t - - - in a 30,000 square foot storeBring your own chairs, displays, tables. Linen table cloths only please. Tel Twelve in Southfield is at Telegraph and Twelve Mile Roads.- over 100,000 cars drive by every day- over 2 million people live in a 30 mile radius- very high income residentsTEL TWELVE: Meijer, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Lowes Home Improvement, Petsmart, Michaels Arts & Crafts, ULTA Beauty, Best Buy, Foot Locker, Chipotle, Lens Crafters, Sam's Shoe Service, T-Mobile, La Wok, Blaze Pizza, Glassman Auto Group & more! All local exhibitors, businesses and services invited.November 27-29December 5-6, 12-13, 19-20,24BEST OFFER: 1 space, all dates, 2020, $399 reserve before October 16.AS SEEN ON TV https://youtu.be/taHWg-mceww https://youtu.be/gRf2SaBlDpwhttps://youtu.be/B1yvKZt5mlQ https://youtu.be/IjvW66vDzr4https://youtu.be/-E8PILNgkRs https://youtu.be/qqXEtAANb0c$5 Admission to the public. Cash Only$5 Admission ticket valid for $5 DISCOUNT at participating vendors on $26 or more retail.Each vendor will be reimbursed $2.50 for every $5 admission ticket they redeem.This will get shoppers to spend money at vendors booths.Food Vendors Wanted. Licensed and Insured.No guns, knives, weapons, explosives allowed on Tel-Twelve property or in storeTel-Twelve Mall28512 Telegraph RoadSouthfield, MI 48034-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EXPOMichigan.comEXPOMichigan@gmail.comMICHIGAN ARTS CRAFTS SHOWENTREPRENEURS EXPO Tel Twelve, Southfield, MINovember 27-29,  December 5-6, 12-13, 19-20,24 1) No Refunds for any reason2) All exhibitors pay online EVENTBRITE3) Vendors MUST PRINT EVENTBRITE receipt on 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper and bring to event4) No vendors without printed receipt, insurance requirement5) FACE MAST MUST BE WORN INDOORS6) Food vendors must be licensed and insured (Insurance co-insured: Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan and RPT Realty, L.P. , $2 million dollar liability) 7) Exhibitors are required to collect sales tax or claim income on your personal taxes8) No sale of alcohol or drug related items9) Abusive behavior by vendors will be termination and asked to leave, No Refund10) $20 rebate, paid vendors that sign up other paid vendors, they write your name on bottom of their paid EVENTBRITE receipt and email in advance for you to be paid $20. NO LIMIT REBATES11) Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan, RPT Realty, L.P. not liable for failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of location event held before or during event if destroyed by fire, other calamity, acts of nature, weather, public enemy, strike, ordinances or other legal authority beyond control.12) Including negligence, shall OCBA Inc, Tel Twelve, RPT Realty, L.P, associates, families be not liable direct, indirect, special, consequential damages resulting from attending these events13) If any section, sentence, clause, phrase or portion of this contract is for any reason found invalid or unconstitutional by any court of in Oakland County, MI, such portion shall not affect the validity of remaining contract14) This is a legally binding contract to exhibit at Tel Twelve, November or December 2020. Legal disputes, exhibitor liable for legal expenses incurred by OCBA Inc Michigan, RPT Realty, L.P. will be handled in court in Oakland County, MI15) Events subject to change without notice16) Paid vendors for December 19,20,24 have the option to not attend on December 24.17) Direct Sales Brands 1 person per brand. Write brand name on bottom of PRINTED EVENTBRITE receipt and email in advance to reserve that brand. EXPOMichigan@gmail.com18) All paid exhibitors agree to these rules19) No guns, knives, weapons, explosives on Tel-Twelve property or in storePRINT EVENTBRITE RECEIPT ON PAPER & BRING TO EVENT

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